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My news years resolution was to post more. Not really. I made that up. But I do need to, so here we are. I wanted to talk about it before I forgot. Here I sit at my dinning room table on absolute fire producing. The best streak yet. Yes I mentioned trying to evolve a little and learn computer programming, but let me be the first to say that shit can kiss my ass, I was put on this earth to make music. Literally I've gone 3 songs for 3 days in a row. And they're some of the best yet. I know so because between all of you and me, when the track hits just right, I squirt a little tear. Not like that time my dad threw out my easy bake oven, or when that kid tried to ditch his dog in air bud. But more so because for all the bad shit that humans do on this planet to themselves, and to each other, something so pure and wholesome could be made by one of us. Dare say I'm the next Avicci, or anyone of those A listers, but its pretty clear Im an absolute unit at making good music. Find your passion and let it consume you. Whats yours


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