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Dreaming bigger

Its a little hazy but I can narrow it down to a few memories of me sitting down and deciding to learn to produce EDM. My old apartment near elmwood where I fired up logic for the first time, my other apartment where I combed the built in instrument library, Tony G's house when I really sat down and started learning. It was the hardest thing Ive ever had to learn. Period. But the point is I remember deciding to dream bigger. I remember being fairly fluent after a few years and deciding to dream bigger in florida, and added modeling in the mix. Which happened on accident when my late friend "good jimmy" egged me on to submit a head shot to a facebook ad from an agency. I wound up being scouted to play a valet in "The Irishman". Granted they cut scene out, assholes, it still happened. Fast forward a year, I decided to dream bigger and make an EP. Fast forward again, I decided to make it an album and break the record for most tracks on a debut EDM album. Which I plan on breaking the over all record on my second album because why not. Fast forward again, were pitching vocalists to make better music, making collages that tackle different genres and tell stories because no one has done that. And again to learn video editing software to make music videos. The point is, theres a frequently come a time when I meet my goal, and ask myself, "What happens if we dream a little bigger"? Were at that point again. I can honestly say at this point my brand is built. The only left to do is to drop these bombs. Sending EPK's out might not go so well since everything's closed or Id be doing that and touring. So whats next? I don't exactly know but I have a feeling were going to invent a new genre or dominate a second one.

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