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EDMs Hero drops his debut album “Pass The Aux”

Rarely does a DJ/Producer burst out of the blocks with a debut album that has all the hallmarks to set the tone for an entire industry. But in the case of EDMs Hero, the Buffalo based artist achieves that and so much more. Navigating the rich waters of Progressive House, Big Room, and Dutch Electro House, he has produced a ground-breaking collection of tracks that tell a whole story in a way that will engage audiences everywhere.

Operating under his prophetic moniker EDMs Hero, Benjamin Mack has exquisitely crafted 17 songs during the long shadow of the pandemic, and each set the tone for a body of work that will light dance floors ablaze. From the opening track Showtime, which echoes of the Prodigy in its heyday, each track builds on the other. Through big drops and huge progressions, the eternal anticipation continues unabated with dashes of influences that extend to The Freestylers with vocals on Rasta Blasta reminiscent of Barrington Levy.

Not to be pigeonholed in any way shape or form, EDMs Hero weaves in the Latin sounds of Cuban trumpets with heavy rhythms as his infectious groove goes next level on Suave. Blending the narrative of the barrios with the thunderous progressive bass line is a blessing all its own. There are hints of tropical undertones combined with a juggernaut of main room themes that will work in the dark recesses of underground clubs to the churning masses of the festival crowd.

Each track grinds through the gears delivering a rich tapestry of all that EDM offers including the addictive anthem Universe which has a vocal hook that will drive dance floors wild. Rounding off the album with the self-titled track Hero, the collection is all killer and no filler. Dramatic, dynamic, uplifting, EDMs Hero has left no stone unturned with “Pass The Aux”.

In conclusion, it is clear that his time in the studio has been well spent and if this is to be the start of a career, then there is no doubt he will take his rightful place alongside his peers in the spotlight of the main stage. EDMs Hero is an artist for our times, and with him by our side there are no signs of dance music slowing down.

Track Listing

1. Showtime 10. F*ck That

2. 007 11. Carnival

3. Everybody 12. Lioness

4. Rasta Blasta 13. More Levels

5. Suave 14. Universe

6. Afrojacked 15. Marauders

7. Drop Something 16. Voicemail

8. Desperado 17. Hero

9. Bounce!

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