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Everyone Needs A Win

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Whats up ravers? Were gunna do something different and start this bad boy off at the end..... The quesadillas were fucking amazing.

Todays post is full of inspiration, divine intervention, destiny, and sweet satisfaction.This is a post you should really take to heart and open your mind up to. Life is a serious bitch sometimes. It tough, its ugly, and it can very easily get the best of you. And with that comes a whole list of side effects. Anxiety, stress, poor self confidence even. I was a victim for a long time, still am in some ways, but let me speak from first hand experience, today being THE example, and preach something I firmly believe in. Everyone needs a win. Let me say that again. Everyone needs a win. A boost of confidence, some nutrition for the spirit. Something other than more pills to swallow to cope with problems. A win is the cure. Now, by no means am I having a pity party. I stopped doing those back in 2018 when I decided to do something about my problems instead of shelving them and ignoring them. When things are tough I push on like the terminator I am. But every man has his limits and a win was long over due. (Cue divine intervention and the power of attraction) Im a firm believer in the power of attraction. If you don't know what it is you should google it before going any further. (Shout out to my grandmother for planting that seed back in the early 2000s). I can't remember how long I've been grinding through things, but long enough I started to lose hope and have some doubts. So on top of already staying focused on what I want I decided to make it a point to pray more. Mostly giving thanks for what I'm able to do or something above and beyond what happened that day. I mean really, why would god do me any favors when I wasn't saying thank you for the ones he was already doing, real talk. Well last week I decided to cash in my chips and I ask the big guy upstairs for a win. A sign. Something irrefutable that my stubborn ass could not explain with logic or statistics. A straight up solid.(Cue exiting ones comfort zone) On top of that, if you want different results you need to do different things. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Im not going to get into detail the monetary value, you'll just have to do some research, but I took a gamble and threw some money into crypto. I'm in no way a day trader but I gave it a shot to try something different. I threw in more money than I was comfortable with but fuck it, I'll always be an all in kind of guy. So lets get to the point now and add up all the pieces. Undying focus, and aligning oneself with the universe and ones wants, mix up the flow and do something different, hope I've been pious enough to earn the big mans ear. And boom. It worked. Holy hell did it work. I woke up and checked the crypto market to find the profits on my investment of Doge coin were high enough to fund the entire music video. My mind is still blown 12 hours later.. Now some of you can say "oh well thats just luck or basic investing", which I can agree with to an extent, but the next part is where the big man let me know he heard me. We needed wardrobe for the music video. Specifically clothes for an old man. Boy did we hit the nail on the head finding the perfect outfit. It is so hideous and so wonderful, and we found the walker. No maybe God did not put a plaid shirt, khakis, and a jacket at goodwill for me to find. But as I walked out carrying all that, plus my favorite shirt that I lost 5 years ago, and the quesadilla maker that had been sitting in my amazon cart for the last 6 months, I can't help but smile. Touche..

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