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Lets Make a Movie

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Where to start where to start. As if there weren't enough moving parts already making music, now we're officially working on the music video. Like I said in the last blog, I don't think I pictured one getting done so early, but things change and you have to be able to adapt. There's a lot I want to say in this post for the next person trying to conquer EDM. It's a lot of trail by fire. Sometimes doing things backwards, or out of order, or twice lol. No one held my hand on it is what I'm getting at so the fact we made it this far impresses me everyday haha. So don't give up if the situation looks bleak at time or doesn't make sense, things tend to work themselves out as they should. So yeah, the video. Totally different creative process is what I'm realizing. On the producing side, a good drop does all the work itself. In film, unfortunately you can't boogaloo for 30 seconds straight or it would get boring. Fortunately creativity seems to have crossed over to some degree and were putting together a really good performance for you all. The props were worth mentioning too. Stack of prop money because why not, with a money gun to match. Custom energy drinks, made by yours truly, and sloths. Lots and lots of sloths. Just kidding only 2. Bounce! will tell the story of 2 loser sloths who's lives are turned upside down by a mystical energy drink. Which leads me to last point of the day. I was not looking forward to buying props. Or spending more money. Not that I don't make money, but the dream ain't free is an understatement. I could have put a nice down payment on a nicer house by now, but that was never in my cards to be mediocre or blend in. If you really want something there's a price you have to pay. If dreams were free everyone would achieve them, and the bigger the dream the bigger the toll. Was it worth it? Is it worth it? Living so far beneath my means I'm subterranean, not buying new whips, having a modest wardrobe, and funneling every last dollar into having a shot at pulling off the greatest come up in EDM history? Abso-fucking-lutely... Buckle up Bitch.

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