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So, yesterday was a pretty eventful day. We zoomed with an international songwriter over in the Netherlands to collab on writing a song. It has a folk meets EDM feel. Kinda like Avicii was making. It's funny how true it is that you're your own biggest critic, and that one mans junk really is another mans treasure. I reached out for help because I really wanted this song to reach its full potential, and lyric work isn't my comfort zone yet. I had a few bars written down that I thought were okay at best but he loved them and was confident he could make it work with a few tweaks. Total surprise to me. So we'll see what he comes up with. Stay tuned. Shortly after it was off to the big leagues to meet with a videographer to talk about making a music video. Why did it take so long to get to a video? How many tracks was I going to make before a video was made? Why hadn't I thought to do it sooner? I honestly don't know. I could speculate not knowing how much it cost, or being consumed just making music and waiting for something to catch. The truth is we're all stuck at home glued to our phones and I'm only hurting myself not having videos up. Plus what artist doesn't have a video. Idk. Point is things are getting serious. Let's see what happens when we start firing on all cylinders.

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