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New Drum Pattern, Who dis?

I wanted to draft this while it was fresh on my mind. Lord knows I procrastinate enough and forget to blog lol. Any who, Id live and die by 4 to the floor. 128 bpm is my shit. BUT, that doesn't mean its always the right way. And I've had a hard time accepting. If it's not broke don't fix it right? True, true. I've made absolute slappers with that drum pattern. But then it dawned on me, what else am i capable of outside the mold? What do my talents sound like when they're not restricted by the same drum pattern. In the words of my late friend James "good jimmy" Cascella, We go'n learn today! I also have to give some credit to my boy Andrew Rechin who's been on my about putting some lyrics into my music to fill that missing piece. I think we killed two birds with one stone on this one. A groovy but still hard drum pattern, some vocals to accompany it, it should be hot. I guess what Im getting at is if you're really good at something, don't get complacent. Challenge yourself to push past your limits. You'll be surprised what you achieve. Rave on

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