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New Year Same Me

What up guys? Haven't posted since last year lol. Any who, where to start. New year, same me. Still kicking ass, still pumping out bangers. Still chasing the dream. What's really new though....

We didn't win the music innovation contest unfortunately... I'm actually pretty pissed off about that because the songs selected were absolute trash. Sorry not sorry, I call it like I see it, the quality of music has declined in years past. End rant.

We took a little hiatus to learn computer program because there will be some plug ins we will start developing over hear to make you young producers lives easier, so that's exciting to look forward to at some point. Not gunna lie, coding is hard. It makes producing looing like coloring. Neither here nor there though.

Holidays were clutch, bounced back to the studio this week and finalized a new track we should have out by spring, "Rave Police". You'll all love it. Its a total party jam and the video is going to be just as wild if not more. Come to think of it the last great party music video I saw was for "The Hum" by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Those guys can bang. Infinite respect for those brothers. We couldn't get Charlie Sheen but it's still going to be epic.

What did you do since the last post? Drop a comment and lets see what everyone's been up to. Talk soon planet earth. PS Be sure your wish your favorite DJ Happy Birthday on the 8th.

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