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Synopsis of Desperado and Origin

What up peeps! So after a few days of this song being out in the wild, I'd like to share my final thoughts on it. This song is an absolute fucking spectacle. And this team is absolutely unstoppable. Its gotten a lot of positive reviews. Even from labels who weren't looking for that genre, (whatever it was that I made? lol) they couldn't ignore that it was good. A lot of inquires for permission to share, and all my boys and A1's are vibing it super hard. Which is whets most important to me. Any who, I remember sitting in my garage this past summer throwing back Coronas, trying to do something with this guitar samples that have been haunting my library for years. I found a few that went together since it was a poorly organized sample pack, and from there got an intro and verse together. I also remember specifically asking myself, what direction can I take this song that I myself wouldn't even expect. How about a different BPM and genre altogether. Oh sounds like psytrance (138bpm) Word to the wise, anything beyond that youre venturing into dubstep which is going to change your drum patterns and that may or may not go well, so I hit the breaks where I did. A little sample searching by key, bpm range, and key words and BOOM! We hit gold. It was literally done in a few short sessions. I threw in some extra flavor because Ive been big on the "atmosphere concept" and "ear sugar" so thats the explanation with the wind subtly blowing in the back, the crow, the whistle, the gun shots and gun fight. And last but not least, to set the tone right from the first measure, Clint himself. I grabbed a sample from Dirty Harry, chopped it up a little, and bam. Desperado was done. Im so beyond happy to have a solid track to add to the collection, with great album art, a great static video. It was a total foundation builder. So thats that. Stay tuned for more!

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