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The perfect mix

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

What's up people! So my boy Josh has officially outdone himself. Josh is my audio engineer. A total savant at the art. The me of audio engineering. So we decided last minute to enter a music contest by mixed in key for some serious prizes because we agreed all things factored in we could probably win in one of the categories. Whether best mixed track, or best original mash up the odds were in our favor. So I get the mix back after it went through the gauntlet of new equipment he picked up since our last mix session before summer, and just wow. Absolutely absurd how amazing it sounds. It shouldn't even be possible for a mix to sound they perfect. But he did it. Beautiful width and clarity. Crisp clean fat low end. Perfect balance. I listed to it on repeat the whole way home. I gave him the thumbs up to master it so I should be sharing with you all very soon. The track is called "Desperado". Like a wild card out in the Wild West. The funny thing is I wrote it over summer and it just happened to fit the criteria for the contest which overall was for a song to be a mash up of two genres that don't go together. Desperado is a spaghetti western/ flamenco guitar meets psytrance. Im running out of room to type so I'll write my synopsis next time. Adios friends!

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