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What up Planet Earth

Sorry it took so long to get here. For those who have followed me since day one, I love you all. And your support has made all the difference. For those of you who will one day backtrack and read all of these, you'll learn all the secrets to my success and hopefully will find the answers you've been searching for to make your own dreams a reality. So with that said, yes it was probably out of order how I did thing. No I don't care for a second. Everyone's path is different and that's okay. Some people make one song and blow up over night, some people refine their art and makes hundreds before theyre comfortable. Some people are the entire team and have to do their best to manage everything. If it was east, we'd all be famous. Anywho, this is my website. It's dope. I know. So happy it came out as well as it did. I was dreading having to build it. I'm still updating everything so be patient with me. I'll have my album back shortly and some absolutely incredible music for you al to enjoy. As Always, inspire someone. Be a hero.....mic drop

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