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Where it all comes from

To be honest I'm still not exactly sure where it comes from. The inspiration. The creative spark. The mojo. Divine intervention, clairvoyance, or maybe I'm just shot and my brain is merely pumping out random synopsis that I've learned to interpret. Either way, somethings happening. If I had to describe it though, for me personally, it's like being the only person in a movie theatre and I'm watching myself on screen do whatever I'm about to do. I see it first hand how it hopefully works out, or I hear the soundtrack in my head. Whatever it is, I tap into it, and out comes the final product. I don't really try to figure it out anymore, bit more try to embrace it. Sometimes it can be experience. I get stumped mid song but I know where it needs to go so I do some backwards math to figure out all the possible outcomes and work my way forward strategically. But, every once in a great while, it's pure luck. I stumble on an old sample or find one online and the whole things just comes together by itself. My brain somehow fills in all the other missing pieces in almost an instant. Those are the best. Like a creative Bomb going off in my head. I guess all in all, I just kinda already know before I even get started. 😅.

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